Portrait of couple


1884 – 1920
Portrait of couple in front of painted studio backdrop, on the floor is a fur rug(in this image it looks similar to grass). Woman stands to the right above man: medium colored hair that is pulled up, wearing a long light colored dress, pocket watch tucked in waist and ring on left ring finer. Man sitting on stool to the left resting elbow on support: medium color hair parted and combed up in the front, wearing a dark suit(coat buttoned), coat has horizontal striping, also wearing a white collared shirt with tie. Man is reading, his hat is on the ground to the left. Card is labeled with studio stamp on front: "A. W. Compton, Brigham City, Utah." Warm grey card with glossy photo. Photo is a maroon tone, highlights begining to lose detail. *Same image as 94.1.8*
Dimensions: 13 cm;18.5 cm;;;;598;;
Copyright Status:Public Domain
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