Portrait of Hunsaker Children


1898 – 1900
Portrait of four children, in studio. Two boys on left appear older than the two girls sitting on wicker chair to the right. Card is labeled with studio stamp on front, "A. W. Compton, Brigham City, Utah." Warm grey card with glossy photo. Card has embossed decorative texture and border. Photo is maroon tone, highlights losing detail.
Boy seated at left is William Noble Hunsaker. Boy standing in back is Cleone Arthur Hunsaker. Girl at right is Varenna Collins Hunsaker. Toddler in front is Hazel Viroque Hunsaker. They are the children of Franklin Collins Hunsaker and Laura Neeley. 
Dimensions: 13.5 cm;18.75 cm;;;;598;;
Copyright Status:Public Domain
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