Burrell's Sawmill


Burrell's Sawmill with woman and three men stand around a structure. Two large chopped down trees in the background.

Short history glued to back reads: Sept 10, 1970. (presumably the date of donation) Burrell's Mill in 1904 South Cache Co. Utah William Burrell, an early resident of Brigham City, built his sawmill on the East Branch of Paradise Creek in the vicinity known as the Twinmills in the southern end of Cache County in about 1890. This mill supplied rough lumber to the Brigham City area until it was dismantled in the late 1920s - note primitive construction. Burnnell's mill was one of the last - perhpas even the last - water powered sawmill to operate in Northern Utah. Present by the George Nichols family to the Museum Gallery (pictured): Bervard Nichols, DeLore Nichols, Lola Nichols, William Burrell."
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