Correspondence between Paddock and Knudson


September 8 1936 – January 12 1937
a. envelope from R.A. Paddock to Peter Knudson
b. 2-page letter from Richard A. Paddock to Peter Knudson (9/8/1936). Paddock expresses concern about news of.t a P.W.A. road project across the "marsh, from above Ogden, straight across the promotory." He worries that the project is harming the ducks. He reminices about the "old boys" of the duckville Club: a lithographer in SLC, a restaurant owner in SLC, guide Andy, and Fred Hanson. He laments the passing of Andy Jensen and Mr. Memmen. Withthe latter, Paddock estimates they had 36 yearly long trips, "on hunting expeditions into different states." Paddock reports that William A. Bond is bed ridden, like himself. Paddock inquires about the well-being of the Knudson family members.
c. 1-page letter from R.A.P. to Peter (10/22/1936). Paddock responds to a ltter from Knudson and laments reports that water in the Great Salt Lake is declining. He recalls a hunting day with A. R. Barnes in which they went "some distance of the big main cross dike, the lower island." They brought home 315 green wing teal, "and found the game warden wiaitng for us at the Club house. Fortunately ...we had laid out 250 of them to cool off, on the river bank, way down on No. 3."
d. postcard from R.A. Paddock to Pete (12/14/1936), Paddock ask for further information about the "Old Folk's Clud, or How to be Happy at Seventy."
e. 1-page letter from Peter Knudson to Paddock (1/19/1937). Knudson explains the organization of the LDS church ad the old folks committee of the Box Elder Stake, of which he is the chair. He describes a day at Lagoon for 429 persons over 70 years of age. He also notes that during the holidays, old folks are taken to the picture show, "I getr paid in another way too as the old ladies hug and kiss me plenty but I draw the line on the old gents."
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