Golden Youth Mineral Salts Label (12 Ounces)


July 1934
Label for a 12 ounce package of Golden Youth Mineral Salts. Sent from R.A. Smith to W.F. House. the number 12 indicating the number of ounces has been circled.
Shows copyright date, address for the company, directions for use, etc.
Text reads:
Golden Youth Mineral Salts are the natural mineral product of the Springs -- Nothing added
Nothing taken away

Not a patent medicine but Nature's own remedy

Golden Youth Mineral Salts
retain all the valuable medicinal properties of the water and may be applied externally or taken internally. Especially recommended for Rheumatism, Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Sour Stomach, Eczema and other kindred ailments.

Directions for Use
Internally -- One level teaspoonful in tumbler of hot water before breakfast and before going to bed.
For Skin Disease -- Take internally. Also, make a solution, dab thoroughly on affected parts, and let dry.
For Bathing -- One-third box of $1 size, or one box of 50 cent size, per bath.
Dimensions: 17.8 cm;7.3 cm;;;;423;

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House, William F (had as owner)
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