Peach Days Parade


circa 1960
Brigham City Peach Days. Main Street looking south. Long of people walking down the street led by two girls in white dresses pulling a wagon. Stores visible: Howard Hotel, Capitol Theatre, Peters Jewelry, Mountain States Electric, Rexall Drugs, Idle Isle Cafe, Pheasant Cafe, Henry's Flowers, Block's Drugs, P & W's Cafe, Motel, Hansen's Variety Store, Hollywood Cafe, Dredge's Mens' and Boys' Shop. Goodrich Tires in the far background. People are linging the street on both sides, sitting and standing. Peach Days banner flying over the street. Motorcycle, Brigham City Police or Utah Highway Patrol, pulling a small float with young women on it.
Dimensions: 10.75 cm;8.75 cm;;;;423;;

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