Correspondence between Paddock and Knudson


February 23 2015
a. envelope from R.A. Paddock to Peter Knudson
b. 1-page letter from R.A.P. to Peter (1/2/1937). Paddock comments on news reports from SLC about missing plane and from Florida about hurricane dammage. He reports corresponding with Willima A. Bond of Chicago and that he is old anough to wear one of the badges Knudson has sent him. Paddock also notes: "The government has maded such severe game laws, that the ducks are going to have a new lease of life." He reports that friends from Illinois write that the ducks are increasing rapidly ..."but they are only allowed to have 10 a day, and it costs them $7.50 a day to hunt on the club ground."
c. 1-page letter from Riachard A. Paddock to [Knudson} (not dated). Paddock laments that: "Since you and I quit, Peter, the hunting seems to have become unpopular,; fishing seems to have taken it's[sic] place."
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