Portrait of child



1900 - 1940

Panel Card: Portrait of toddler, in studio. Toddler stands wearing a bonnet. Card is labeled with studio stamp on front, "Compton's Art Gallery, Brigham, Utah." Grey card with semi-gloss photo. Card has embossed decorative texture and borders. Photo is a warm black and white. *Same image as: 94.1.366, 94.1.367, 94.1.368* *Same girl, different pose: 94.1.317, 94.1.318, 94.1.319, 94.1.320* *Same girl different pose: 94.1.321, 94.1.322, 94.1.323*

12.75 cm; 25.5 cm; ; ; ; mat; ;

Copyright Status:Public Domain

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Related person
had as creator Compton Photography Studio
Related place
was created at Brigham City