Bear River City Band


circa 1905
Band from Bear River City, organized in October of 1884. All men, who pose with their instruments. Mostly brass, although one man holds a clarinet, and two have drums.
Back Row, Left to Right: Alvin Ipsen, Peter M. Hansen, William C. Jensen, Chrest Petersen, Ole L. Miller, James P. Ipsen. 
Front Row, L to R: Chrest C. Johnsen, Olof J. Olsen, David Holmgren, Casper Andreasen, Knud H. Fridal Sr., Peter C. Jensen. 
Drummers, L to R: Andrew Anderson, James P. Christensen.
James P. Christensen was the patriarch of Bear River. He lived on 600 North and 100 East in a little house on the corner. Casper Andreasen had a coal business before gas was used. Photo was taken in a log cabin in Bear River, Utah.
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