Bushnell General Hospital Police Force


1942 – 1945
The two photos and negative. The photos and negative feature the Bushnell General Hospital Police Force of 14 men plus two Army officers seated on the front row, left (captain) and center (lieutenant). The Police Officers wear matching uniforms consisting of a jacket, pants, shirt, tie, cap, wide belt with large buck worn outside the jacket, a badge and whistle. A narrow strap with a small buckle is worn across the chest and over one shoulder. The hospital was built in 1942 in Brigham City. It was built by the federal government to treat World War II wounded and was a 1,500-bed U. S. Army facility.

Front row L-R: Army captain (not identified), Army lieutenant (not identified), Carl Moon (Hyrum, UT).
Second row L-R: Clinton Andersen (Hyrum, UT), Willis McBride (Hyrum, UT), Jack Lauritzen (Hyrum, UT). Rest of the row are not identified. 
Third row L-R: ?, Warren Jensen, ?, ?, William J. Miller, ?, Floyd Nielsen. 
Dimensions: 7.5 cm;6 cm;;;;423;Negative (c);16.5 cm;11.5 cm;;;;423;Smaller print (a);24.75 cm;17.5 cm;;;;423;Large print (b)

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