Orpheus Chorus in front of the old post office


circa 1950
Four rows of women in identical uniforms and Norman Watkins in a suit stand before the old post office.

On the third row, third person is Vella Sacket.  At the end of that row is Verna Johnson.
On second row, third to right is Lavenna Marble Packer.  Norman Watkins is at the end.
The front row, third over is Nola Watkins.  Fifth is Nellie Wight.  The third woman from the end is Lillian Pelt or Felt.  The second to last is Trillia Thompson.

The Orpheus chorus was a female only chorus assembled in 1929 by Norman Victor Watkins.  It was first known as the young ladies mutual improvement association chorus and then the name changed as it began to expand.  It started as a church related activity before opening up to the city.  They performed in Utah and Idaho.
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