Bear River Class Portrait


circa 1950
Black and white photograph depicting a 7th grade class at Bear River Middle School or High School (based on notations on the back - students appear to be older). The students stand in front of double doors on steps, with a teacher behind them. 
Girls wear dresses or skirts. Boys wear jeans or slacks. Most of their jeans are rolled up. 

Back Row:
LaMoyne Roberts
Dean Orwin
Karen Smith
Moana Korth
Cheryl Evans
David Calderwood
Bob Puzzy

Middle Row:
Lavier Daley
Darwin Eggli
Donna Fae Roberts
Norma Coombs
LuAnna Skinner
Margie Didericksen
Diana Foxley
Margaret Thompson
Diane Rose
Arther Hunsaker
Bob Morris

Front Row:
Max Barnes
Monte Scothern
Lewis Hunsaker
Steven Quinney
Gary Conger
Bob (Gus) Gephart
Myron Giles
Elaine Watkins
Carol Gae Holdaway
Tommy McGuire
Red Roberts
Dimensions: 17.8 cm;;12.8 cm;;;423;;
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