Two story rock


1975 – 1990
Two story rock home built by Shadrack (or Shadrach) Jones in Willard, Utah. Home has three windows on top floor. Two windows on bottom floor on either side of the door. Frames of windows and door are white. Two chimneys on each end. Very large tree behind the house. Other homes are visible in the background, as well as power lines. Yard is overgrown. Appears to be late Fall or Winter.

Many single family homes were built by Jones, starting around 1863.  A gifted stonemason from Wales, Jones took advantage of local rock cliffs and the alluvial fan exposed as ancient Lake Bonneville receded. Between 1862 and 1883, he mined the local stone and built single-family homes. Many are on the National Register of Historic Places. Other early structures included a brick yard, the first grist mill in Box Elder County, and a number of molasses mills.
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