Oral History of Colette Bradford

Oral History

Alternate Identifier:MS 331
mid 1990s - mid 2000s
Interview date:July 25 2007 Interviewer:Kathy Bradford
Colette Bradford had a talent and passion for art as a small child. Her mother and grandmother were artists, who encouraged and praised her in projects she initiated herself, but never pushed her. She excelled in artwork throughout her school years, representing Box Elder High School as the candidate for Sterling Scholar in art and was in the top five State Finalists in the compitition. As an adult artist she began using water media, but now uses acrylic on clay board. She likes painting wildlife, still life and is now focusing on insects such as bees and butterflies. She recently collaborated with her mother Colleen Bradford on a historic mural on the walls of a restaurant in Corinne.
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